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Can I extend my loan?

In certain circumstances, you can apply to extend an existing loan. Extensions may be suitable for customers who can repay on the original promise date but want to repay at a later date. For example, these could be customers who have had an unexpected change in their pay date.
If you can’t repay your loan on the due date for payment, you should not apply for an extension as that option is only suitable for customers who are not experiencing financial difficulty. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, you should always contact us immediately on 0207 138 8330 as we have a range of options to help customers who are experiencing difficulty in repaying and we will always act proportionately and reasonably in response to your circumstances. If you require further information, please refer to “What if I can’t repay my loan?

You can apply for a loan extension online in ‘My Account’ 7 days before your promise date. If the term of your existing loan is 7 days or less, this feature will be available on Day 1.  This will be a new application which we will assess on an individual basis and we cannot guarantee that your application will be successful.
Before you extend an existing loan, you must pay all accrued interest and fees using a valid debit card registered in your name.
The cost of extending the loan agreement is £10 each time. This fee will be added to the outstanding loan balance after the extension has been processed successfully and will accrue interest.

Representative example

Amount of credit: £150 for 18 days. Interest: £27.99. Interest rate: 365%pa (fixed).
Transmission fee: £5.50. One total repayment of: £183.49. Representative 5853% APR.


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