How do I change my debit card details? Wonga - How do I change my debit card details?

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How do I change my debit card details?

You can add a new debit card by logging into the 'my account' area of our site. You can only have 5 debit cards registered with us at a time. For us to authorise a new debit card, you need to have at least £1 available in the associated bank account when you add the card details online.  We don't take any money, but some available credit helps show the card is live. 

The card must also be registered in your name and at the address given in your application. So if you've recently changed address or have a new card, your bank may not have updated their records yet. This is easy to fix. Simply contact your bank and explain you're having difficulty getting your card authorised. Your card needs to be authorised by your bank and can't be overridden by us.


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